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The redesigned MC3300 Series Mobile Computer represents a commitment to innovation, reliability, and adaptability, empowering businesses to streamline operations, improve productivity, and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. With its combination of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, this device is poised to redefine the standards of mobile computing. A range of interchangeable accessories, including barcode scanners, RFID readers, and advanced imaging modules, allow businesses to customize the MC3300 to their specific workflow requirements.

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Key Challenges

UX Refresh. Enhanced Tech.

Understanding the product's environment and its long-standing customer base at Zebra posed a significant challenge. These customers had a deep familiarity with the product, which meant they had developed recognition, learned behaviors, and ingrained habits. Another substantial hurdle was the need to ruggedize the product, ensuring it could endure harsh conditions without compromising its form or functionality. Finding the right balance between ergonomic design, extended battery life, and a lightweight form factor was essential, as was seamlessly integrating various connectivity options. Striking a cost-effective design while preserving advanced features, all while adhering to industry-specific regulations, added complexity. Moreover, crafting an intuitive user interface and a smooth user experience was crucial. Our expertise in CAD design, class A surfacing, user experience enhancement, and feature development proved instrumental in surmounting these multifaceted design challenges and delivering a high-quality, competitive product.

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Our Process

Creative Vision.

IPS designers and engineers began the project by traveling to Taiwan and collaborating closely with manufacturers to explore the product possibilities. From brainstorming ideas on paper or digitally, we considered variables like form factor, user interface, and overall functionality. Rough ideas were transformed into detailed, three-dimensional digital models using specialized CAD software.

The challenge in this early roadmap lies in effectively translating the creative vision from sketches into CAD design. It required careful transition from abstract ideas to concrete, detailed plans that guided the subsequent stages of development. This process was fundamental to the MC3300 project, as it set the foundation for the entire product design and development journey, ultimately delivering a new and improved mobile computer.

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